Do you offer emergency services?

Emergency Care:  Please contact Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service for after hours emergency care for your dog or cat. Their phone number is 1-763-754-5000.  Their address is 11850 Aberdeen Street NE, Blaine, MN55449.  They are open 24-hours a day.  The fax number at Affiliated Emergency Vet Service is 763-754-6002.   

Do we need to make appointments?

Yes, we encourage you to make an appointment so that we have the staff and supplies necessary to treat your animals. When calling to make an appointment, please make sure you confirm with our staff which office location your appointment is being booked for.

Do we have to pay for an office call or exam when our pet is vaccinated?

We do not charge an office call or exam fee if you want your pet to have only vaccinations. However, our staff and the American Veterinary Medical Association encourage you to have an annual exam with a doctor to make sure your pet is healthy. 

I have a prescription that needs to be refilled. Do I need to set up an appointment first?

Legally, we cannot refill any prescriptions without having one of our doctors examine your pet. Therefore, a doctor’s exam will be required and blood work or a lab test may be required before prescribing medications to ensure your pet is on the correct dosage and type of medication. Once we see your pet, we can refill prescriptions for six months or a year (depending on the illness) until your pet needs retesting. This is the law and you will find that most veterinary clinics will require that your pet have an exam and tests before prescribing medications. Our doctors could lose their licenses if they do not practice medicine in this manner.

I currently buy my Heartgard and Frontline Pet Medications from Pet Meds or another online catalog. Can you  fill my prescription?

Yes, we can sign the prescription for your pet. However, your dog or cat had to be seen by our doctor in the past year and also had the necessary lab tests to fill the prescription. It may be easier to use our on-line catalog! Click the “Online Store” tab on our website and you will see our online catalog. Our prices are very competitive and we can quickly fill your medication request, without you having to speak to anyone. Again, your pet needs to have the necessary lab tests in the past year for us to fill the prescription. Call us at 1-800-924-0588, with questions.

I need to pay my taxes and cannot find my rabies certificate. What should I do?

Call either one of our offices and we can make a duplicate rabies certificate for you to pick up or we can mail or fax to you. We are here to provide your pets the best and most compassionate care possible. We will offer you choices for the level of care you would like to provide your pets. Some clients do not want an exam and others want an exam for their pet twice a year. We realize that all of you have different levels of expectations of the amount of medical care that your pet needs. We are very pleased that we are able to serve you and your pets. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 1-800-924-0588.