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Pet Surgery

See below to learn more about our pet surgery.


At Grantsburg Animal Hospital and Wild River Vet Clinic, our veterinarians perform several surgeries that your cat or dog may need; including, routine spay or neuter, mass removals, cystotomies, and foreign body surgery, as scheduling allows. There may be situations when your pet needs more advanced surgical skills, and we have the capability to refer to several surgeons ensuring your pet receives the best possible care and a speedy recovery.


Spaying or neutering your pet has many benefits. The procedure, which prevents animals from reproducing, can help your dog or cat live a longer, healthier life. By spaying or neutering your pet, you’re protecting them against potentially deadly diseases, reproductive tract diseases, and several types of cancer. In addition, spaying or neutering your pet will help control the dog and cat overpopulation problem, keeping more animals out of shelters. If you are considering this surgery for your pet, please contact the office for more information about the recommended timing of the surgery, as well as an estimate for the cost of services.


Despite our best efforts to keep our pets safe, accidents do happen. Depending on the severity, location, and time since the trauma, we are able to develop a plan to allow your pet to heal efficiently using a variety of techniques from bandaging to surgical correction as needed.


Other than spaying and neutering, mass or lump removal is one of the most common soft tissue surgery performed on pets. Early removal and accurate diagnosis through histopathology are recommended to improve the prognosis and overall outcome for you and your pet.


Even though we hope your pet will never have to experience an emergency surgery our doctors are trained in performing emergency and non-routine procedures. Often times referral to an emergency or surgical center may be the best option for your pet. Emergencies are seen as we can accommodate our schedules. There are 24 hours emergency Hospitals that we work with and can refer patients to if we are unable to see them. If time allows our veterinarian can perform gastro-intestinal exploratory for foreign body, cystotomy for bladder stone removal, limb amputation, pyometra, ophthalmic enucleation, or entropion surgery.

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