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5 Ways to Help Older Pets Through the Winter


The winter weather brings along aches, pains, and even seasonal depression for pets and people alike. To ward off the winter blues for your senior pet, help keep your pet comfortable, mentally stimulated, and physically active. These tips will help your older pet make it through winter warm, cozy, and ready to welcome the spring alongside you.

1. Don’t Skip Walks and Keep Your Kitty Active

It can be tempting to skip walking your senior dog during the winter months. Especially when she is slow to get out of bed and get moving. But don’t let her speed deter you from taking her on regular walks. Keeping active is essential for older dogs, even in the winter. Not only is regular exercise good for your dog’s heart and mind, but it keeps her muscles toned and her joints lubricated.

The same applies to your feline friend. Keep your senior cat active and exercised. This will keep your cat’s body and mind more agile and help her release some of her nervous energy. The more active your senior cat, the better she will likely feel.

2. Help Your Pet Stay Toasty Warm All Winter Long

Older pets have a harder time regulating their body temperatures. This can make them feel more chilly while indoors and out. To help your pet feel her best, provide her with extra blankets, a warm bed, and even a sweater or coat for walks. You can even move your pet’s bed closer to the air vent (but not on it). An orthopedic bed is a great upgrade for added joint support and better sleep for older pets.

If you get your senior pet a sweater, be extra gentle putting it on her. Go slow and never force her limbs through the armholes. 

How can you tell if your pet is too cold? Watch for shivering, shaking, and maintaining a tight curl, covering her belly.

3. Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

One issue many pets have when the weather cools is that surfaces tend to get more slick and slippery. Provide your pooch with boots on walks. Put down extra rugs throughout the house, as well. As for your kitty, make a couple of steps or ramps to help her access windows Your kitty will appreciate the consideration and love being able to birdwatch during the drab winter months.

4. Consider Adding Supplements to Your Pet’s Diet

If you notice your dog or cat is stiff or sore, you may want to add a supplement to her diet to help support her joints and mobility. Supplements with glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric can reduce inflammation and alleviate some chronic joint pain caused by arthritis.

Skin and allergy supplements also help keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy. This can prevent itchy, dry skin from the dry air.

5. Schedule a Check-Up

Knowing exactly what your pet needs to feel her best during winter can be tricky for pet parents. We can look at your pet’s health history and provide you with tailored recommendations to keep your senior pet happy, healthy, and comfortable this winter. If your pet experiences mobility issues or chronic pain, we can find solutions to help your best friend enjoy her golden years. We will also provide your pet with an exam to be sure she’s healthy going into the new year.

Wishing You a Warm and Bright Winter

We hope you, your family, and your pets have a healthy winter and a wonderful holiday season! As COVID-19 continues to take so many of our beloved family members, friends, and community members, we urge everyone to err on the safe side. We continue to take all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

In the meantime, we are here to support you in providing your pet with her best life.

Photo Credit: Pexels.

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