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Food for Thought



March is National Pet Nutrition Month.
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Choosing the right dog food can seem like a pretty big task when you look down the pet food aisle. The options seem endless, and how do you know what is right for your pooch? There are a few things you can do to narrow the options. 
Choose by age. A growing dog will have different nutritional needs than a small or senior dog.  
Activity level. The more your dog exercises, the more food she will need to consume to stay healthy. 
Health considerations. A sick dog has different nutritional needs than a healthy one. 
Consult with us. Finding the right food for your dog's age and health is just the beginning. We can also help you figure out the right portions to feed your dog. Together, we can keep your pup healthy and trim! 
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Dental Issues



February is National Pet Dental Health Month.
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You love seeing your dog flash a smile. Keep your pup smiling by keeping an eye out for signs of dental issues before they become a bigger problem.  
Bad breath. Persistent bad breath that is worse than usual may be a sign of a bigger issue.
Swollen or bleeding gums.
Discolored teeth and excessive drooling.
Behavior. Your dog may struggle with eating because of pain, which may cause him to be more lethargic or grumpier than normal. 
If you notice any of these signs of poor dental health, contact us to schedule your pup's next dental visit. Taking preventive action can help your dog avoid future health problems.
15% OFF A DENTAL EXAMINATION through February 2015!
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