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Dental Special Extended


Dental Special!

Our dental special has been extended.
Call (800) 924-0588 to request an appointment.
It isn't too late to take advantage of our February dental savings! 
We are continuing our dental special into March. A happy pet with healthy teeth just might give you something to smile about, too. 
Contact us today to capitalize on these savings!
15% off dental cleanings through March 2015!
Click or call (see above) to schedule an appointment TODAY!
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New Products in our Online Store!


Grantsburg Animal Hospital is committed to providing your pet with the latest care--and sometimes that even includes pet toys, treats and technology! We have just added a variety of new products to our online store including the Soft Quick Lift, the Halti Harness, many different Kong Toys and Royal Canin food.

   The Soft Quick Lift is a great product for your pet if they are undergoing any type of physical therapy. The harness allows you to aid your pet in standing, so they are not putting their full weight on any injured area. They will then be able to fully recover from any injury.

   If you’re still working on training your dog, this next item is for you! The Halti Harness straps around your dog and keeps him or her from pulling by controlling the dog from their chest and shoulders. The Halti Harness is available in a variety of sizes, making it possible to use for training any dog!

   We have five new great Kong toys available in our online store now as well. Check out the Wubba, the Puppy Wubba, the Kickeroo, the Incline Scratcher and the Grappler Teaser. All of these toys are great for stuffing with treats. Your pet will be kept busy and happy playing with the toy and coming up with different strategies to get to the treats.

     We now offer Royal Canin Vegetarian canned and dry food and Satiety Support canned and dry food for your pet. Royal Canin believes in feeding your pet healthy food that will keep them feeling their best. The Satiety Support food we now offer can help aid your pet in avoiding and managing pet obesity.

No matter what your pet needs in health and in play, we’re here to ensure your pet is always feeling their best!

   Check out all of the new additions in our store today.