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Dental Issues



February is National Pet Dental Health Month.
Click here or call (800) 924-0588 to request an appointment.
You love seeing your dog flash a smile. Keep your pup smiling by keeping an eye out for signs of dental issues before they become a bigger problem.  
Bad breath. Persistent bad breath that is worse than usual may be a sign of a bigger issue.
Swollen or bleeding gums.
Discolored teeth and excessive drooling.
Behavior. Your dog may struggle with eating because of pain, which may cause him to be more lethargic or grumpier than normal. 
If you notice any of these signs of poor dental health, contact us to schedule your pup's next dental visit. Taking preventive action can help your dog avoid future health problems.
15% OFF A DENTAL EXAMINATION through February 2015!
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Myths and Facts about Spaying and Neutering


When it comes to spaying and neutering your pet, there's many myths out there. That's not to say that everything you've heard isn't true. Let us break it down for you and explain the top 5 myths of spaying and neutering your pet.

Myth 1: It's expensive. There are many low-cost options for spaying/neutering. In fact, we offer very low-cost spaying/neutering options.

Myth 2: You'll find homes for all of your newborn puppies/kitties. Sure, maybe you will find a place for each of them to live. However, you can't control what happens once they are in those new homes. What if they aren't a good fit? What if there are unknown allergies? What if they can't afford to properly care for the new pet? You are only able to control what happens to your own pet in your own home. 

Myth 3: It's healthier for my female to have her first litter before I spay her. This is false. Evidence stated by HumaneSociety.org states that it's actually easier on her body and overall health if she is spayed before her first heat.

Myth 4: Spaying/neutering will change my pet's behavior. If there are any changes, they'll be positive! Your pet will be less aggressive, less distracted and less frustrated. It will no longer be fighting it's natural urge to mate.

Myth 5: My pet will become fat. Spaying/neutering plays no role in the weight of your pet. Fitness/diet does. Just continue to feed your pet proper proportions and keep them active and you will not have to worry about them becoming overweight.