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April Equine Client Letter


Dear Equine Client,

Happy Spring!  At the moment that we are writing this letter, there is no snow on the ground and the sun is shining!  We have an early spring and can now ride our horses in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota!  It is now time to vaccinate and deworm your horses.  The mosquitoes are out!

We have enclosed our vaccination and deworming prices for 2015. The prices are excellent - lower than catalog pricing and the vaccine is long dated and you have no shipping costs! We are also giving you 1 free dose of Quest Plus with each 3 purchased!  This special pricing is good until June 1st.  For every $10.00 of product that you purchase, you get a chance to win one of the following:  2 - iPad Airs, 1 – iPad mini or 4- $25 Holiday Station gift cards!  If you are one of the first 50 clients that purchase your vaccines, you will receive an equine bag that includes a horse brush, mane comb, and Chapstick and cell phone cleaner for you!  Please refer to the Price Sheet included in this letter.  Come in soon to make sure your horses are vaccinated before the mosquito season. 

Equine vaccine and dewormer will be available at all three clinics.  Grantsburg Animal Hospital is open 8:00 – 5:00 on Monday-Friday and 8:00 – Noon on Saturday.  Wild River Veterinary Clinic is open 8:00 – 5:00 on Monday- Friday.  Frederic Veterinary Clinic (located in the Pink House across from Larsen Auto on Hwy 35) is open 9:00 – 5:00 Monday-Friday.  If you have a very large purchase          (10+ horses) at either Frederic or Wild River, please call Grantsburg @ 1-800-924-0588, to make sure we transfer enough vaccine to these locations.

Our Pet Fair is Saturday, April 18th, at the Grantsburg Community Center at 316 South Brad Street, Grantsburg, WI, from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  We will have the horse vaccines and dewormer available for sale that day and are giving away a special gift that day if you purchase vaccines.  We also will have many pet vendors educating and selling their product, a vaccination clinic for your dogs, and free lunch!  We hope you can attend the Grantsburg Animal Hospital Pet Fair!

As you may have heard, Grantsburg Animal Hospital recently sold our large animal practice to former employees.  Dr. Greg Palmquist is practicing both companion animal and equine medicine, with the help of relief doctors, at all three of our clinics.  We are going to hire another doctor, soon.  As Greg is doing all the equine practice himself, he may not always be able to help with an emergency call, as he may be seeing other clients with emergencies.  If he is not available, we have a list of other equine clinics that can help you out with your emergency call.  He will do the best that he can to provide service to you and your horses.  We can see your horses at your farm for Coggins or vaccinations. If you haul-in to one of the clinics, you save on the call charge.  Don’t forget to schedule a float for your horse’s teeth at Grantsburg.  Greg currently has days set aside to see your horses; give us a call!

This is our 31st year in business and we truly appreciate all the years you have supported our business!  We look forward to seeing you, your horses, and your pets at Grantsburg Animal Hospital, Wild River Veterinary Clinic, or Frederic Veterinary Clinic!


Dr. Greg Palmquist, Kathy Palmquist, Lacey Watkins, Deb Hutton, Shelly Peterson, Emily Luukkonen, Cindy Kollars,

Zelda Jensen, Molly Hjerpe, Missy Wedlund, Melinda Sells, Tamara Larson, Alyssa Taylor, Rosanna West, & Kat Schrautmeyer




Payment is due at the time of purchase. We will accept cash or credit card for payment. You can use a check if you have previous payment history with us and you have not had any NSF checks. We will not accept post-dated checks. YOUR ACCOUNT MUST BE PAID UP TO BUY AT THESE EXCELLENT PRICES. Thank you for your understanding.

The first 50 people to purchase vaccines get a bag filled with a horse brush, mane comb, chapstick & phone wipes!

Come in soon to buy your vaccines & dewormer!!!


2206 West Nile Innovator+Eastern, Western, Tetanus 27.99 55.98 83.97 111.96 139.95 167.94 195.93 223.92 251.91 279.90
2205 West Nile Innovator 23.99 47.98 71.97 95.96 119.95 143.94 167.93 191.92 215.91 239.90
2057 Potomavac + ImRab (PHF + Rabies) 17.99 35.98 53.97 71.96 89.95 107.94 125.93 143.92 161.91 179.90
2058 Rabies 8.99 17.98 26.97 35.96 44.95 53.94 62.93 71.92 80.91 89.90
2054 FluVac Innovator EHV (Rhino/Flu) 17.99 35.98 53.97 71.96 89.95 107.94 125.93 143.92 161.91 179.90
2015 Pinnacle IN (Strangles) 21.99 43.98 65.97 87.96 109.95 131.94 153.93 175.92 197.91 219.90
2571 Pneumabort-K+1B (Rhino for Preg Mares) 17.99 35.98 53.97 71.96 89.95 107.94 125.93 143.92 161.91 179.90
2028 Tetanus Toxoid 6.99 13.98 20.97 27.96 34.95 41.94 48.93 55.92 62.91 69.90
7164 Quest Plus (Moxidectin/praziquantel) 3+1 Free! 11.45 22.90 34.35 XXXXX 45.80 57.25 68.70 XXXXX 80.15 91.60
7161 Ivermectin Liquid 100 ml bottle 34.99 69.98 104.85 139.96 174.95 209.70 244.65 279.92 314.91 349.90
7163 Ivermectin Paste 1.87% 2.99 5.98 8.97 11.96 14.95 17.94 20.93 23.92 26.91 29.90