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9 Reasons to Care About Your Pet’s Dental Health


Dogs have 42 teeth--that’s 12 more than us! What about cats? They have 30 pearly whites. And one that always surprises people is that bunnies have 24 teeth in addition to the four they’re most famous for. That’s a lot of reasons to care about your pet’s dental health! But they’re not the only reasons you should bring our pet by for regular cleanings and checkups.


New Pet? How to Get Started on the Right Paw!


Nothing compares to those butterflies as you drive your new pet home for the very first time. You check and re-check the rearview, making sure your new puppy, kitty, bunny, or other pet is riding safely and smoothly. You take corners nice and slow and beginning to brake for red lights and stop signs hundreds of feet before the other cars. This isn’t the only  journey you’ll go on with your new pet.