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5 Things Your Pet Wishes You Knew About Stress


While your dog or cat doesn’t work a 9-to-5 or have to cook dinner, your pet likely does experience stress. Like humans, stress affects each pet differently and can crop up at different points in their lives. If you’re wondering how stress affects your pet’s health, how you can help, or how to recognize signs of stress, we have those answers and more.


7 Things You Need to Know About Canine Lyme Disease


You don’t want ticks to hitch a ride on your dogs. These pesky pests may make your skin crawl, but they also carry diseases like Lyme disease that can infect you and your dog. Lyme disease is the most common illness spread by ticks and it has a tragic effect on its victims, causing pain, depression, and potentially major damage to organs. As things warm up around Pine City and Grantsburg, we want to remind you of the things every dog owner needs to know about Lyme disease.