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Making Heads, Tails, and Toes of Seasonal Pet Allergies


Spring is here! And for many pets, so are hives on their bellies, itchy paws, watery eyes, and near-constant sinus discomfort. Humans aren’t the only ones that experience seasonal allergies. If you’ve noticed your dog tearing up, your cat obsessively licking her paws, your pet may be one of many that struggles with spring allergies. While allergies may seem like nothing to sneeze at, they can make your companion feel miserable.

Want to learn how you can identify these allergies and what you can do to help? We’re here to help you make heads, tails, ears, nose, and toes when it comes to springtime allergies for pets.


What All Pet Parents Should Know About Hookworms


There’s little more disturbing and disgusting to pet parents than parasites, and even as pet professionals, they gross us out too. Intestinal worms, fleas, and ticks are all live off the blood of your pet and that in itself is upsetting. Along with being gross, parasites can also severely harm your pets’ health. 

One of the most often overlooked but dangerous parasites that dogs and cats suffer from is hookworms. These nasty parasites can be fatal for puppies and kittens, and wreak havoc on more mature pets, too. 

To protect your pet’s health, we’ve put these minuscule parasites under the microscope to help you learn about how hookworms operate and the risks they pose to your pet.