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Celebrating Our Awesome Vet Technicians


Did you know that the week of October 11th is National Veterinary Technician Week? We’re thrilled for the opportunity to celebrate just how excellent our technicians are. Not only do they help treat animals, but they care for your pets with loving attention and a level of expertise that is not easy to achieve. What exactly makes Grantsburg vet techs amazing?

1. Vet Techs Keep Pets Healthy

Veterinary technicians are the animal healthcare world’s nurses, providing professional care to pets instead of people. If you’ve visited us before, a vet tech was likely your first point of contact in the exam room. The tech then asked you questions regarding your pet’s current condition and relayed that information to a veterinarian. 

They may have assisted the veterinarian during the visit, with everything from preparing vaccines to calming a stressed pet. Outside of the exam room, our vet techs perform lab tests, take x-rays, and support surgeries. They also help keep your pet safe and comfortable during a procedure.

In times of emergency, vet techs are qualified to perform emergency first aid. They are truly lifesavers!

2. Our Outstanding Vet Techs Keep Pets Happy and Calm

Our techs are pros at keeping pups wagging and kitties purring while ensuring their safety during a visit. From scratching your dog behind the ears or gently coaxing your cat back into their kennel, when your pet is under the care of our techs, you know they’re in good hands.

Those smiles you see when our vet techs greet your pet are genuine. Our fantastic techs care for your pets as they would their own and love all companion animals, big and small!

3. Vet Techs Dedicate Themselves to Their Field Through Education

To become a certified vet tech, you must complete an academic program dedicated to learning all that’s involved in caring for animals. Students then must pass a rigorous certification exam that tests their knowledge of veterinary care. Our vet techs remain committed to staying informed on the latest and best practices by reading trade journals or taking classes to enhance their skills.

4. Our Vet Techs Wear Many Hats

In the world of human medicine, nurses typically choose a specialty (emergency, pediatric, etc.) and work exclusively in that area. In the veterinary field, technicians need to know how to do it all. They are trained to be a veterinarian’s right-hand helper with radiation technology, anesthesiology, lab work, and so much more.

5. If You Have Questions, They Have Answers

Our techs love to help pets, and they relish supporting pet parents in providing quality health care beyond the doors of our clinic. An essential role our vet techs have is to communicate with and educate our clients. They can answer your questions and explain how to dress a pet’s wound, administer medications, or anything else related to providing the best health and care for your pet.

Thank You to Our Vet Techs and Assistants

Our practice wouldn’t be the same without the dedication and care our vet techs and assistants provide our patients. They are the glue that holds our practice together, and we appreciate all they do! Check out our vet techs page to see if you recognize a friendly face or find a fun fact you can chat about the next time you visit our office. Thank you, Grantsburg vet techs!

Image credit: SbytovaMN / iStock / Getty Images Plus

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