Dental Special Extended

Dental Special!

Our dental special has been extended.
Call (800) 924-0588 to request an appointment.
It isn't too late to take advantage of our February dental savings! 
We are continuing our dental special into March. A happy pet with healthy teeth just might give you something to smile about, too. 
Contact us today to capitalize on these savings!
15% off dental cleanings through March 2015!
Click or call (see above) to schedule an appointment TODAY!
Animal Hospital
866 S Pine St 
Grantsburg, WI 54840 
(715) 463-2536  
Wild River 
Veterinary Clinic
140 Evergreen Square SW 
Pine City, WI 55063 
(320) 629-7474  
Veterinary Clinic
1502 300th Ave 
Frederic, WI 54837 
(715) 327-8128  

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