How does your answering and emergency service work?

When you call our clinics after hours, you will speak to a live person. If you are calling for an emergency, he or she will inform you of where the doctor can meet you. We usually have only one doctor on call during the evenings and weekends. If our doctor is busy with another emergency and your pet has an immediate traumatic injury, the staff at the answering service can refer you to other emergency facilities right away.

Can the answering service make appointments?

The answering service staff can inform you of our office hours, but cannot make appointments or schedule surgeries. If you feel that your pet or large animal is sick, but that it is not an emergency, it is still best to call us during normal business hours as you will avoid an emergency charge.

Do we need to make appointments?

Yes, we encourage you to make an appointment so that we have the staff and supplies necessary to treat your animals. When calling to make an appointment, please make sure you confirm with our staff which office location your appointment is being booked for.

Which doctor will be at the Frederic Veterinary Clinic?

Dr. Greg Palmquist will be the primary veterinarian at the Frederic office; however, all of our doctors rotate locations and you will most likely have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Natalie Tankersley and Dr. John Rathje.

Do your prices vary by location?

Prices for all of our services are the same at all three clinics. Call us for a free quote on any service or medication.

Do we have to pay for an office call or exam when our pet is vaccinated?

We do not charge an office call or exam fee if you want your pet to have only vaccinations. However, our staff and the American Veterinary Medical Association encourage you to have an annual exam with a doctor to make sure your pet is healthy. There is a $19 doctor exam fee which includes a full report card reviewing your pet’s health. View a copy of the report card that we send home with our doctor’s exams.

Will you perform spay and neuter surgeries at the Frederic location?

We do offer spay and neuter surgeries at all of our clinics now, including Frederic.

I have a prescription that needs to be refilled. Do I need to set up an appointment first?

Legally, we cannot refill any prescriptions without having one of our doctors examine your pet. Therefore, a doctor’s exam will be required and blood work or a lab test may be required before prescribing medications to ensure your pet is on the correct dosage and type of medication. Once we see your pet, we can refill prescriptions for six months or a year (depending on the illness) until your pet needs retesting. This is the law and you will find that most veterinary clinics will require that your pet have an exam and tests before prescribing medications. Our doctors could lose their licenses if they do not practice medicine in this manner.

I currently buy my Heartgard and Frontline from Pet Meds or another online catalog. Will you continue to fill my prescription?

Yes, we can sign the prescription, if your dog has had a heartworm test in the past year. It is on the Heartgard label that all dogs should be tested for existing heartworm infection, so that your dog does not have reactions to the heartworm medication. The American Heartworm Society and the American Animal Hospital Association both recommend that your dog is tested annually. Our prices on Heartgard, Frontline and most other products are less expensive than Pet Meds or the other online catalogs. You can pick up the product at any of our locations or we can mail it to you. Just call us at 1-800-924-0588.

I currently buy dog or cat food in Grantsburg or pick up large animal medications in Grantsburg. Will you stock them at the Frederic office?

We will stock some dog and cat foods, as well as large animal drugs at Frederic. Please call our Grantsburg office and we can bring them over the days we work in Frederic. This will save you a trip to pick up the medications and food that you need for your animals.

I need to pay my taxes and cannot find my rabies certificate. What should I do?

Call any one of our offices and we can make a duplicate rabies certificate for your dog for you to pick up or we can mail to you. We are here to provide your pets the best and most compassionate care possible. We will offer you choices for the level of care you would like to provide your pets. Some clients do not want an exam and others want an exam for their pet twice a year. We realize that all of you have different levels of expectations of the amount of medical care that your pet needs. We are very pleased that we are able to serve you and your pets. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 1-800-924-0588.